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Labor Legal Consulting

The people you need, the job you want.

Is your company consistently complying with the law across all sectors? Are there contingencies or potential conflicts you need to anticipate? This service is fundamental for preventing problems and protecting the rights of both parties in an employment relationship. We have a highly specialized team of lawyers who can guide you, whether it's a one-hour discussion to address a specific question or a comprehensive review of potential contingencies or an audit to put your mind at ease. We promote equity and compliance with labor laws, contributing to a fair and harmonious work environment.

Labor Legal Advisory

Do you know how many employees your HR department should have? How can you implement processes to professionalize the area? What is the most suitable software for HR management in your company? It is essential for organizations to effectively manage their human capital, improve productivity, and comply with labor regulations, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of the company. At Alfa, we can: - Collaborate in decision-making regarding tools to enhance the HR area (software, payroll service providers, training, legal advisory, etc.). - Implement new tools or management processes alongside your team. - Redesign processes that have become outdated with agile technologies. - Conduct audits or surveys on the perception of the service that HR is providing to employees.

Consulting in Human Resources Processes 

This is a strategic tool that helps companies make the most of their existing talent. We aim to align employees with organizational goals and foster a work environment in which each individual can reach their full potential.

Assessment of potential

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