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Personnel Selection

The people you need, the job you want

The executive selection process involves a comprehensive assessment of technical and leadership skills, prior experience, adaptability, and the ability to handle complex situations. We help you articulate your true needs, map available talent in the market, conduct interviews and methodologies to create a shortlist of candidates who meet your aspirations and are excited to work in your company. We assist in crafting a market-appropriate value proposition, incorporating both monetary compensation and emotional rewards. We collaborate in fostering win-win relationships between employees and employers. Managerial processes are carried out or directly supervised by Alejandra Figini. We employ modern behavioral tools to understand each candidate, including Points Of You, Benziger, Enneagram, among others. We have extensive experience in handling confidential positions and complex profiles. We offer a one-year guarantee: if the individual leaves or is terminated within a year, we conduct the selection process again at no cost.

Executive Selection

Does your company need extra hands? We have a streamlined selection process, led by highly skilled senior consultants who assist in defining your value proposition to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. Our extensive experience ensures that we present only qualified candidates within your economic and emotional salary range. A Project Leader supports you in all aspects of the relationship (commercial, operational, and post-hiring). We do not charge an initial fee. Urgencies can be resolved with our Express Fee. We provide guarantees ranging from 3 to 6 months, depending on the position. We also handle mass recruitment processes throughout Latin America.

Technical and Administrative Selection 

We understand the challenges of finding suitable personnel in the IT sector. At Alfa, we are knowledgeable about the value propositions the market offers to candidates and can assist you in acquiring the best resources. Our specialized selection professionals are trained in sourcing profiles from areas such as programming, cybersecurity, database management, artificial intelligence, and more.

IT Selection

Profile Mapping

This service allows us to identify, within a specified period, how many people in a particular market (city, country, region) have specific skills or knowledge and are either seeking employment or considering a change. This service is particularly useful for projects in development, bidding processes, growth projections, and more.

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