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International Recruitment

We connect good people with good companies.

The unique economic landscape of Latin America results in a high number of profiles interested in working abroad, whether by relocating physically or working remotely.

In an increasingly globalized world, this is our feature service.

Our experience in sending personnel to different regions has made us specialists in designing value propositions, candidate recruitment and selection, intercultural adaptation, and onboarding processes.

  • We operate remotely across all Latin America.

  • Mobility projects are designed and coordinated by Alejandra Figini.

  • We provide personalized follow-up for each candidate to maximize their chances of success in their adaptation process, for up to 30 days after their arrival at their destination.

Searching for remote talent from Argentina has become an increasingly popular strategy for companies looking to leverage global skills and reduce operating costs. We take care of finding the best profiles based on the objectives of each company.

Remote work from Argentina

Exporting talent opens up new market opportunities, allowing companies to expand globally and access resources and talent that may not be available locally. This can contribute to growth and income diversification.

Talent Export

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